Monday, January 22, 2007

happy blue Monday

It's blue Monday.
Go ahead. Feel sad.
There are plenty of reasons.
The draft of the Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, to be officially released on February 2, is heavy as lead.
The Doomsday Clock is ticking.
People are suffering all over the place.
Everything has a dark side, including organic food.
In the spirit of blue Monday, let's take a look at some depressing topics in the industry these days.
A Wisconsin Wal-Mart has been mired by accusations of labeling fraud by the organics watchdog group, the Cornucopia Institute. In a letter to Wal-Mart President and CEO, Lee Scott, the group warns it has been following "Wal-Mart's participation in organic retailing very carefully over the past few years."
The same letter foreshadows the recent accusations. Sent in September 2006 and complete with a photo gallery to prove it, non-organic food is clearly shelved as organic.
If you thought that organic food had some health benefits, think again. Monsanto has a report on the safety of organic food. It is a reference/source free study into the dangers of organic food consumption presented to humans.
It clearly states, "organic farmers preferably apply cow or pig manure when this is available. It can be infected with the dangerous bacterium E coli 0157 disease organism that lives happily in the guts of cattle. Infection in human beings kills, or leaves victims without functioning kidneys."
Death or broken kidneys, yikes.
In all seriousness, there are questions raised about the logic of growing large-scale organic food crops, and the nutritional benefits of an organic diet. The growing popularity of organic food, however, speaks to a wider issue. People are increasingly growing concerned for the health of themselves and the planet.
It's a good thing blue Monday only comes once a year.

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